300 Block North Main, Hutchinson, Kansas


Before, during and after the preservation process

The Downtown Revitalization Committee in Hutchinson, Kansas approached our Installation Division with an idea of uncovering the earlier 1950s make-over in order to revive the historic, turn of the century buildings. One of the challenges of this project was that the original cornice along the top of the building had been removed during the earlier renovation.

In starting the preservation process, portions of the facade were removed and closed in using ACM panels. Areas of the original limestone building were exposed, and a new cornice was created specifically to sustain the weight and high winds common in this area. To fabricate these new cornices, we used a tracing of the existing cornice accent blocks from adjacent portions of the building. This allowed us to replicate them exactly as they were before. The details on the previous cornices, such as the dental details were fabricated in house.

300 Block North Main (Hutchinson)

Creation of the custom cornices

During the installation process, both 50 foot wide sections of the building had to be framed, utilizing laser levels to keep a uniform appearance through the entire city block. Once the framing was in place, the custom built cornices could be installed. There were a total of twelve different pieces that made up each section between accent blocks.

The completed section of cornice and accent blocks were an exact replica of the original. Following these sections of the block, we created replicas of missing portions to complete the remaining areas of the city block.

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